3Greens is an electronic checklist application that provides peace of mind to today's medical professionals. Knowing that key steps have been performed helps reduce medical errors and SAVES LIVES!

Getting started

3Greens provides an intuitive front-end to guide you through each and every step of your procedure. Strong visual indicators allow you to quickly assess what steps have not been completed and those steps which require additional attention.

Use 3Greens Anywhere

With a mobile-friendly and responsive design, you can use 3Greens' electronic checklists on whatever device fits your workflow. Desktops, laptops, tablets, and smarthphones all work with 3Greens and the user interface automatically adjusts to provide you with the optimum workflow

Harness the Power of Community

Use checklists from renowned experts in various specialties. With the 3Greens Community, you can be sure that you're performing procedures with all of the best practices from the world's greatest surgeons and medical professionals. You'll have access to an entire ecosystem of knowledge where you can contribute your experiences and help the world become a safer place.